Production Category

Human Health Division

Currently, We produce various types of pharmaceutical products with latest formulation. Our dosage forms includes tablet, capsule, dry syrup/ liquid syrup/suspension, ointment/cream/gel, sachet etc.

Sl. No.Dosage FormCapacity ‘in million
3.Dry Syrup (PFS)4.68
4.Liquid Syrup6.24
5.Oral Saline62.40

Animal Health Division

Albion Laboratories Limited started its venture to serve veterinary medicines for animals in the year 2009. Currently the product category covers more than 100 products which includes various types of dosage forms. The dosage forms covers Tablet/Bolus, Oral Liquid, Powder & Injectables etc.

Our products are very quickly accepted to the veterinarian and farmers because of the quality and affordable price. Because our main objective is to serve quality products at an affordable price. Also we are registered member of the Animal Health Companies Association of Bangladesh (AHCAB).

Sl. No.Dosage FormCapacity ‘in million
2.Sachet Pack4