Brand Name: P-Zyme

Form: Powder


Probiotic-Prebiotic formulation
Fortified with Enzymes

Each gram contains-

Lactic acid bacteria 1.2×105 million cfuBacillus subtilis 1.1×105 million cfuBacillus licheniformis 1.5×105 million cfuBacillus megaterium 1.0×105 million cfuBacillus mesentricus 1.9×105 million cfuBacillus polymyxa 1.2×105 million cfuThiobacillus denitrificanes 1.8 cfu,Amylase 2700 AAUBeta-Glucanase 375 ABUCellulase 525 ACUPhytase 75 APPUPectinase 200 APUProtease 1200 AAPUXylanase 750 AXU


  • Provides probiotics & enzymes for better metabolism and higher productivity
  • Increases immunity, decrease mortality & improves FCR
  • Achieve healthy growth and maintains peak production
  • An ideal support for improving fertility, prevents infertility in males and delayed sexual maturity in females
  • Improves gut environment and have a favorable effect on health and production

Dosage & Administration:

Cattle: 10-20g daily/Animal for 5-7 days

Poultry: 1-2g/Liter water for 5-7 days

Fish & Prawn: 5-10g/kg feed or 500g/acre Pond Or, as advised by the Veterinarian.

Pack Size:  10×10 g Powder

Withdrawal Period:  0 day

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