To increase milk production & lactation period

Composition:  Each Bolus contains-

Vitamin A50000 IU
Vitamin D320000 IU
Vitamin B12100 mcg
Vitamin E200 mcg
Biotin100 mcg
Selenium1 mg
Nicotinic Acid2000 mg
Zinc1500 mg
Copper500 mg
Probiotics20 Billion CFU
Tribasic Calcium Phosphate(equivalent to Calcium 2000 mg & equivalent to Phosphorus 1000 mg)5160 mg

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Benefits of Milk Tonic Bolus:

  • Increase milk yield & lactation period
  • Increase milk secretion
  • Decrease chance of mastitis
  • Decrease calf mortality
  • Increase fertility rate
  • Decrease milk somatic cell count

Dosage and Administration:

1 bolus/ 50kg Body weight once or twice daily.

Or, as directed by the registered Veterinary physician.

Contraindication: None

Use in Pregnancy & Lactation:Milk Tonic Bolus is safe in all stages of pregnancy and lactation.

Storage: Protected from light, store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Pack Size:3×4’s Bolus

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